Alcatraz has interested me for a long time. I finally got the chance to get out there to see it
for myself! There were 8-murders, 5-suicides and 15 died of natural causes. Or at least
that is what they tell everyone.
Alcatraz has a long history of violence. Judge for yourself what we are posting for you.
Unfortunately, We did not get the Prison to ourselves to investigate. There were a number of
people there as well. We actually didn't expect to get anything. We were fortunate!
In this shot, I just noticed the nice orb in the upper left, but upon closer inspection there is another orb just behind the bars upper right look by the red arrow.
The activity seemed to be mostly on
the upper decks which we were not
allowed to go to.
In this shot there is a small orb in the
upper most left hand corner.
There is a small orb on the ceiling
in this cell.
I did not get orbs in every cell.
There were only a few that had
There is a small orb just under the
top deck. Look by the little black
There is a small orb just to the right of
the sink. I felt as if i were being watched
around this cell.

Two different shots of Corridor "D" the shot to the left has a small orb the next
shot did not have one.

This cell had a Huge Orb In it.

There is a small bright orb on the left
side of this cell.

Another Cell With an Orb.
We are suprised we found so many.
There were many people on the tour
with us that day.

Look straight up at the ceiling. There is a faint small orb and a larger orb.

This is part of the Warden's Office. This was not shot through
any glass or window. We understand that it could be just a
reflection of light off of the window, but, In closer viewing, it
does appear to have a face. You Decide.

Lots of Orb Activitiy in the visitation room. This is where the prisoners
would go to see relatives or loved ones through small windows.

Take a close look at the upper deck. Lots of orbs and what appear to
be faces looking down. We were not allowed to go up there to get a
better look. I would very much have liked to go up there.

This is the Guard's Control Room. This is where they opened the doors
to the cells. This was shot through a glass, leaving me to believe that
is what caused the effect.

This cell had a strange Shadow effect on the left side. Not sure if my finger
got in the picture or not, but, that may be the causation. Interesting though.

This is a shot of the Morgue At alcatraz, It was shot through the
door window because they do not allow you to go inside. I believe
the window caused this effect. just a cool pic.

This is a shot of a supply room taken through a window.
I believe the window may have caused the orb effect. what
do you think?

Taken Inside a Prison cell that has plexi glass causing this
unique effect.

Another pic of the morgue through the door glass.

some pics that are not  Paranormal, just very cool.

Alcatraz in all of it's Glory!
Perfect Gloomy Day To Go To Alcatraz!

San Francisco....So close....Yet, So far!

The decoy Clarence Anglin used to Escape From Alcatraz

The Decoy  Frank Morris used to Escape From Alcatraz

This cell was just creepy looking...Got the chills in here too.

This is "The YARD" where prisoners were allowed to go outside.

An Orb caught in the warden's

An Orb caught going down the stairs. We were not allowed
to go down there either. It seems the most activity was were
we were not allowed to go.
Unfortunately, there were just too many people there.

One of the people who were with
  me on the investigation.
  Notice the orbs to the left of her.