The Hotel Meade In Bannack City, Montana
The Hotel Meade In Bannack City, Montana
Staircase inside
Pinkish light anomalie on the left
Bright Orb anomalie inside Hotel Meade
Orbs at bottom of the staircase nside Hotel Meade
Front entrance of Hotel Meade...
Notice a couple of things in this photo...
1). the orbs appear to be going through the door..
2). orb caught in motion on the right by the window...
Makes you go hmmmm..................
Orbs going down to the bottom floor Meade House
Bright Orb in the upstairs area of the Meade House
Orbs in the attic Of the Meade House..Bright Orbs...
Another Orb in the upper corner of the Meade House
Bannack started out as the first territorial capital of Montana. During the 1862 gold strike, it boasted a population of more than 10,000. Bannack had the reputation of being one of the West's most violent towns.
The Meade Hotel was constructed in 1875 and served as the  County Courthouse until the county seat was lost to Dillon in 1881.
The building stood empty until 1890, when it was purchased by Dr. Meade and was operated as a hotel and social center until the 1940's. This well-preserved building still holds traces of its former grandeur.
Wallpaper clings to the now-empty rooms. A huge spiral staircase inspires visions of the past. Visitors have reported seeing ghostly ladies from bygone days as well as a young girl who was reported as having drowned in the nearby creek.

Look Inside the windows, do you see anything there?
Zoom Inside the windows...what do you see?
This is a photo of Sheriff Henry Plummer.
He was an outlaw that escaped the law in Nevada and California. Legend has it that he came to Bannack and pretended to be a law abiding citizen, even going so far as to getting the town to elect him Sheriff.
Once elected Sheriff, He and his gang went to work.
There was only one stagecoach route between Bannack City and Virginia City that went through a Mountain Pass.
It had been the scene of many holdups before him.
He as legend has it, decided to have his gang rob many of the stagecoaches and murder the occupants.
This went on for some time before people finally figured out that Henry was the leader of the gang.
By this time he was responsible for over 100 murders and countless roberies.
The townspeople from Bannack and Virginia City formed a Vigilante group. They constructed Gallows
behind the saloon,
Henry and his gang were soon hung, all in all, approximately 2 dozen people were hanged.
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Bannack City, Montana in 1881
In this one, there seems to be a
misty appartion forming behind
our investigator.
This is an EVP from the basement what do you hear after "Is there anybody in here?"