In This well known Cemetary, Many believe to see what is a little girl who sits up
in this tree and waves to passers by. Others swear it is a little boy.
What do you think?
This was an odd Light Anomaly . We could not explain where it was coming from. There was nothing to reflect light.
We also caught this odd mist. We could not debunk it.
Cemetary Orbs
Could this Cemetary Be Haunted?
We caught this image
and thought WOW look!
A child!
We went back during the
daytime and Look! It is
indeed a child image...
Shows how different
things can look at night.
Could this Cemetary Be Haunted?
This is one of the oldest Cemetaries in This town. Some  of the tombstones date back to 1864
Here are some interesting things that were caught there.........
There is so much debate about Orbs these days.
Unless they are omitting their own light, or
appear to be moving, we have to say that these
could be dust. Just wanted to post anyway.
This orb however, has a motion blurr trail.
Which leads us to believe it was in motion when
the camera snapped. Orbs followed us through
the whole cemetary.
The same Orb moving again as we did.
Ruling out dust on the small ORB it is
omitting it's own light. One sure sign
that it is definately NOT DUST.
The Orb that was following us
is back again..motion trail behind it.
I highlighted this photo for you.
Look by the tree.
Do you see the image peeking out from behind it as if it were watching us?
A few minutes later we went back to the tree and took another picture. The image was gone, but an ORB was
still there!
Notice the light that these orbs are omitting.
We took another pic by that tree...
The ORB is still there, just down
More ORBS! we
were definately being watched and followed!
One of the most interesting photos we
caught that night has us scratching our head... what the heck is that on top of that
tombstone back there?
We are going back to investigate during the day to try to debunk this.
Orbs on the path.
More ORBS notice the small bright one?
This is the Most interesting catch of the night....what do you see below the sign there???
Odd light anomalie upper right
More Orbs That were either following or
watching to see what we were doing:
Here is what was
on top of the tombstone.
Another example of how things look different at night.
We were NOT able to Debunk this.
We went back during the daytime and
there was nothing by the tree that would cause this effect.
Even More interesting,
we went back to this headstone today,
which is NOVEMBER 4th, Please note the
date of Death on it.