Gilmore is a Ghost Mining Town that is located about 17 miles south east of Leadore.
Silver and Lead were discovered in the area around 1879 and the mining district was organized in 1880.
Between 1902 and 1930, Gilmore shipped 6,700 tons of lead and about 325,000 ounces of silver.
The 1929 financial crash caused the Gilmore mines to cease operation.
Gilmore in it's prime had 7 saloons, 3 Stores, 2 Hotels, 2 Dance Halls, 2 Trucking Companies, a 2-Room School House
and a bank. The population was just over 500 people.
Inside one of the old abandoned Miners Cabins, We caught some
strange mists.
My Niece inside an abandoned Miner's Cabin
My Niece again inside an abandoned Miner's Cabin this time we
caught some mists...
This was also taken inside one of the abandoned Miner's Cabin
Notice the strange orange misty light on the left.
My Niece did not want her face in these pictures.
Gilmore Idaho Today
These Odd light Blips
were caught down the
shaft of an abandoned
Lead mine.