Old Monterey was once the capital of Mexican California.
It was the center of fiestas and balls and had the glamor of dashing Spanish
It was also known for intrique, swindles, shipwrecks and murders.
Epic lives full of lost loves, suicides and scandel.

This is the front of the Old Monterey Court House.
Many Men were convicted here and hung Directly across the street in the Huge Tree.
Behind the Courthouse.
This is the hanging Tree.
This is the house where a woman committed suicide. She is seen often in that corner window just peering out.
The Old Monterey Cemetary. Some of the stones date back as far as 1812
The three buried here were hung from the hanging tree.
This is the Stokes Adobe Restaurant. THE most haunted house in Monterey.
Each night after the staff leave, things move and noises can be heard.
This is the shack in back of the Stokes Restaurant said to have housed
a insane family member until their death.
Another shot of the Stoke's Restaurant.
After the ghost walk tour, we came back to the cememtary to do some more investigating without the people.