My Son and I In Virginia City Montana July, 2007
This is my son in front of the Old Saloon
In Virginia City Montana.
Notice The Small Orb on his Shoulder?
We had just walked out of the
Old Saloon to the back, I had my son stand under the California Street Sign.
Notice now the small orb is
on his knee?
Walking a bit further down the street, I took another photo of my son, this time, the small orb is on the back of his shirt!
Finally, I asked him to stop with my dad so I could take their picture by this old Carriage...
Look what is now above his head!!
This photo was taken inside the Old Hotel in Virginia City Montana.
The two upstairs main suites are closed off and have a huge Plate glass in the doorway so people can not go inside.
I just put my arm in and took a snapshot. Notice the orb above the bed and how the bed is slightly un-made?
This photo was also taken inside the Old Hotel in Virginia City Montana
this is the Old Sitting Room. It also has a huge plate glass covering the doorway
so people can not get in. I took another snap just inside. Huge orb shape on the door as well as strange black mist to the left. Unsure of causation.
This was taken as the Night Time "Ghost Walk" In Virginia City Montana was about
to take place. No cars had been driving for a while to stir up dust.