Web Cam Captures Page #2
In this cap, in the back I see
a young boy in overalls. there is
also a clear face on the floor.
This is the original Cap.
The child on the right is the one in overalls and wearing an old
farmers straw hat?
In the Back to the right, I see an image in what appears to be a chair of some kind.

Original Cap
Image Cropped
Odd Light Anomalies.
Causation unknown.
Original Cap:
I see a little african american boy
to the left side there.
On the right side in the red square,
I see a dog. It looks like a
Sheppard of some kind.
Cropped Child
Cropped and
Outlined Child
Cropped dog
Look inside the red
Look at the face on the right side on the floor!
unknown anomalie on right side.